Immortal Longings

After messing up at the lab, research scientist Cath is unexpectedly invited along on a late night boat trip with ice queen rival Emily and Jamie, the Professor’s flirtatious son. But Cath soon finds she’s out of her depth when the group discover a body in the river… that isn’t quite dead. As Cath struggles to keep control of a rapidly escalating nightmare, she unravels a terrifying secret that threatens not only her career, but her chances of survival.

Set at Cambridge University and filmed predominantly in Grantchester Meadows (of Pink Floyd fame), this eerie horror-thriller delves into the mysterious, cutthroat world of the pharmaceutical drugs race, posing the question: just what goes on in those secretive Cambridge laboratories?

Immortal Longings - Film Poster

A TePonui Production

Written, directed and edited by Lindsey Kennedy

Currently in post-production

Cast: Shereena Glean, Charlotte Mulliner, Duncan Alldridge, Michael Borch & Amy Joanna Shone

Crew: Lindsey Kennedy, James Ian Gray, Pedro Rilho, Sarah Woolley, Helen Todd, Nick O’Neill, Sam Prestidge

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