Why are we making Piranha?

Here, TePonui Director Lindsey Kennedy talks about why she’s decided to get involved with the film project Piranha, directed by Elcid Asaei.

Why are we making PIRANHA?

Since the beginning of the financial crisis, there has been a growing sense of fear and panic amongst young people that the opportunities and futures we expected have not simply been lost – they never really existed at all. Our seemingly ‘civilised’ professional and lifestyle aspirations were in fact underpinned by a financial system  that proved to be an aggressive, unreal force, spinning out of control, driving on illogical, desire-driven actions that could only end in self-destruction. It is as if, as a society, we have been confronted with our collective unconscious. No matter how complex, how technologically advanced, how ‘developed’ our culture proclaimed to be, underneath, the driving motives behind our economy were wild, animalistic – a Freudian case study of imperfectly sublimated desire.

Last year’s riots shocked the nation and exposed some of these nastier undercurrents running through all levels of our society. The things we, as young people, had been encouraged to want – the desires we had found a way to legitimise – had been snatched from us, and all of a sudden we saw the ‘civilised’ coating stripped away and the desires themselves – greed, violence, the need for control – explode for all to see. The collective subconscious reared its ugly head again – this time, at the other end of the spectrum. What happened was essentially the same as the events within the financial system, but this time it was immediate, visceral, unmitigated by a pretence of civility. Many people were terrified. Many others were swept up in the exhilarating – if indefensible – sense of catharsis, the release of a base nature that we have failed to tame.

This is the situation that our nation, and much of the ‘developed’ world is in right now. We are finding that, ironically, the system we live in did not tame our desires – it fed them. As a society, we must now stand face to face with our demons and admit who we are – not just the bankers, not just the angry teenage underclass – who we all are, what really drives us. This is what PIRANHA represents, and for this reason we feel that this is a film that truly, urgently, deserves to be made.

Visit http://www.indiegogo.com/Piranha for more information, and to help fund the film.

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