Time to get the story straight.

First and foremost, we’re a team of journalists who are always looking for important, neglected and misunderstood stories around the world.

We’ve reported from countries as diverse as Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Israel & the Palestinian Territories, China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and the UK, with work featured in Foreign Policy, the Guardian, Inside Over, Quartz and many other outlets. TePonui Media also runs the arts & culture site What’s On Phnom Penh.

Investigations & In-Depth Reporting

We collaborate on deeply researched, long-form stories and analysis pieces for a range of prestigious media outlets. Click the examples below for more.

QZ | China created a new terrorist threat by repressing secessionist fervor in its western frontier
FOREIGN POLICY | Chinese Hackers Back Beijing’s Authoritarian Pals
INSIDE OVER | How the UK’s Defence Industry Continues to Defy Popular Criticism
A toxic mix of nationalism and religious extremism is leading to a wave of political violence across Southeast Asia

We’re currently producing a feature-length documentary exploring the influence China’s growing influence in Cambodia and Southeast Asia, to be released in 2020.

Our upcoming experimental documentary The Forgotten, directed by Lindsey Kennedy, screens at The Deep End in Glasgow on 24th January 2020. Learn more here or reserve tickets here.

Video Coverage & Interviews
Arts & lifestyle coverage for What’s On Phnom Penh:

Sustainable Building – Niron House

Getting a Tattoo In Phnom Penh

Hypnotic Fist Technique Release their First Album


Commissioned News Packages

Tell us what story you want to cover and our team of experienced video journalists will use their visual storytelling and technical know-how to bring it to life. We’ve shot, edited and voice-overed standalone pieces for TV and online news on  wildlife trafficking, social enterprise, technology, the gaming industry, disability and inclusion and cultural events… you name it, we can make it.

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