We can help you get your story straight.

Content marketing isn’t just a buzzword. It’s how the most successful brands engage with their audience and their potential customers. And it works.

At TePonui, our experienced journalists and copywriters know how to create compelling copy and insightful articles.

We provide top quality content for you to use as the cornerstone of your marketing campaign, helping you to enhance your reputation, establish yourself as an influencer in your field and, most importantly, boost your bottom line.

We’ve worked with clients in the technology, media, corporate, academic and not-for-profit sectors to produce engaging blog posts, ebooks, how-to guides, whitepapers and scripts for video, podcasts and stage presentations.

What’s more, our remote working set-up keeps down overheads and means we can offer a broad range of impeccable writing, editing and proofreading services, both for print and online, at very competitive rates.

Writing Services

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Great communication is all about telling a strong story: clear, concise and always focussed on the audience.

We specialise in taking complex ideas and making them simple. With years of scriptwriting, copywriting and journalism experience behind us, we can help crystallise your message, give it plenty of oomph, creating serious value for you and your audience.  


Our in-house scriptwriting team has nearly 10 years’ professional experience, spanning everything from corporate video and conference presentations to well-received stage and screen productions. Our corporate scriptwriting service costs just £35 per hour and can be incorporated into our video production packages.

Copywriting, Articles & Journalism

We provide:

  •  High quality, accurate copy for websites, blogs, ebooks, marketing materials and technical guides.
  •  Engaging, well-researched, audience-focussed articles for magazines, newspapers and online media outlets.

Academic & Textbooks

Our academic writers supply original, specialised and highly engaging content for textbooks and other educational/academic resources, whether for print, video or online.


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Script Editing

Our in-house scriptwriting team has nearly 10 years’ professional experience, spanning everything from corporate video and conference presentations to well-received stage and screen productions. In addition to scriptwriting, we offer a number of script editing services for clients:

  • Our corporate script editing service costs just £35 per hour and can be incorporated into our video production packages.
  • Our script reading service for stage & screen provides script reports and feedback for screenwriters and scriptwriters. Prices start at £100 for a 10 page screenplay.

Copy Editing

Our editors can provide the fresh, professional perspective needed to turn dull, complicated text into vibrant, sparkling copy. We have extensive experience of editing text for websites, marketing materials, manuscripts, textbooks and even academic theses, and are particularly adept at finding ways to say the same thing in a a fraction of the words, so if you’re struggling to rein in a bloated word count, we can help! Copy editing services cost £30 per hour. 


Our experienced proofreaders are on hand to check your copy or manuscript prior to publication, ensuring that there are no spelling or grammar errors, that the formatting is consistent throughout, and that the text conforms to all internal conventions and style guides. Proofreading services are charged at £25 per hour.